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Wax + Wick: From Wine Bottle to Candle Jar

Wax + Wick is a London based company that creates beautifully scented candles from repurposed wine bottles.

Wax + Wick

I love the simplicity of these candles both in their design and in their story.

They begin their journey in the pubs of Primrose Hill where the empty wine bottles are sourced and repurposed as candle jars, contributing to the circular economy and minimising waste.

With sustainability at the heart of Wax + Wick’s story, the vegan-friendly candles are hand poured locally using only two ingredients: oils and soy wax – meaning that they contain no hidden nasties such as artificial colours or parabens.

Wax + Wick

But the good stuff doesn’t stop there since Wax + Wick have developed such an extensive range that you will no doubt find your perfect scent from ‘Amber + Mineral’ to ‘Lavender + Bay Leaf’.

My favourite though is their best selling ‘Grapefruit + Sage’ candle with its fresh and fruity fragrance.

You can shop their full product range here and, for 20% off, remember to use the discount code ‘RACHEL20’ at check out!

Wax + Wick

*Please note that the product you see in these photos was kindly sent to me free of cost by Wax + Wick.


  1. Rachel, what a unique idea. I will have to share this with my wife who makes candles on our homestead. She also uses 100% non GMO soy wax, but her jars are glass tumblers made in the United States. She encourages her customers, once their candles are finished, to warm up the jar and wash the remaining soy wax out and use the glass tumblers as a juice glass. My wife has talked about getting into bottle slumping and re-purposing glass bottles, but I also like this idea as well. Thanks for following our blog and for this post.

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment! It’s great to hear that your wife is also contributing to the circular economy and minimising waste with her own candles. I really hope that this idea catches on since there is no excuse for us to throw so much away when these things can be re-used/ re-purposed!!

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      • I hear what you are saying, my wife and I are currently debating on buying a new smart phone, and it seems that corporations are only making them last for two years before the programs and tech force the customers to upgrade. We’ve had ours for 5 years now, and it barely runs and won’t accept app downloads. What a waste of our natural resources when this could easily be prevented by the corporations themselves. Sorry, when my wife and I started the candle business, we vowed not to be wasteful and purchase materials locally as much as possible. Profits do not have to be made by increased waste. Rachel, keep sharing your thoughts and blog posts.


  2. Wow Rachel, I might just have to purchase some myself! I have heard of a few candle brands repurposing wine bottles and I think it is just fantastic! The scents of these smell great too x

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    • Thanks for your positive feedback Brodie! Yes I agree, it is such a great idea for minimising waste plus I love the designs and scents of these candles – a perfect combination!


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