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Plogging: Feel Good and Do Good

Plogging, the combination of jogging whilst picking up litter, began as a fitness craze in Sweden and is now gaining popularity across the world. So new is this craze that the word plogging has not yet made the English dictionary!

Yesterday my friend Hannah and I decided to give it a go – and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. We joined a group of ploggers in Victoria Park, enjoying what must now be the last of the autumnal colours.

I found the event via The Plogolution, set up to support fit and happy communities that care about their environment. They launched in June this year and are now hosting events all across London – from Hackney to Kingston.

When we arrived at Victoria Park we were equipped with gloves, litter pickers, nets (for fishing litter out of the canal), biodegradable bags as well as some t-shirts which we were rather happy to be able to take home!

Jogging along the Regent’s Canal was especially eye-opening as we passed so much litter floating by. Everything from chocolate wrappers, cigarette butts, plastic scraps and milk bottles – we scooped them out with our nets and filled our biodegradable bags to the brim. 

Did you know that cigarette butts take at least 10 years to biodegrade?!

My favourite moment was when a man stopped us to congratulate the group on “doing a very good thing” – overall it was such a feel good experience with a double dose of endorphins with the exercise too.

As someone who typically does very little exercise, I’m not sure if I’m more pleased I completed the 5k or that I picked up so much litter!!

Their next event is on the 9th December at Clapham Common – you can register for free via Eventbrite here. Hope to see you there!


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