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15 Sustainable Stocking Fillers under £15 this Christmas

Buying consciously at Christmas is becoming easier as more and more sustainable brands come onto the scene – yay! Here you can find some of my favourite sustainable stocking fillers for under £15 this Christmas.

1. Soap Folk: Travel Soap Gift Set – 6 Mini Bars, £8.00

Launched in 2017, Soap Folk was founded by Fiona who built her independent business entirely from the ground up. Their organic soaps smell incredible and it’s no surprise since they’re naturally fragranced with essential oils. They also arrive beautifully presented, in a recycled Kraft gift box and wrapped in FSC certified paper so there’s no plastic in sight!

2. Green People: Cosy Hands Gift, £12.50

Green People is a great place to start if you’re searching for organic beauty products and they’ve just launched a new range, inspired by the beauty of the night sky. My favourite is the Manuka & Lemon Tea Tree Hand Cream but if you’re after a facial cream then it’s also worth checking out their Beauty Boost Skin Restore and Fruitful Nights Night Cream although these would tip you over a £15 budget.

3. Arthouse Unlimited: Panda Party Handmade Dark Chocolate, £5.25

I absolutely love this brand and everything they stand for – Arthouse Meath is a collective of artists who live with complex epilepsy and learning disabilities. The artists work alongside instructors to create artworks (such as this Panda Party design) that are then designed into products for sale. You can find out more about each of the artists here.

4. UpCircle: Face Scrub Coffee & Herbal Blend, £12.99

Made with repurposed coffee grounds, the UpCircle facial scrub is the perfect exfoliant – leaving your skin feeling soft whilst preventing coffee grounds from going to landfill. Formulated for oily/ combination skin it’s blended with shea butter to nourish the post-skin scrub. This gift is also vegan, cruelty-free and comes in 100% recyclable packaging!

5. Jollie Socks, £10.00

The story behind Jollie Socks began in 2012 when their founder Ed realised that socks were the most needed but least donated item given to shelters. So with that in mind Jollie Socks was started – for every pair sold they donate a pair to shelters. Isn’t that great? Plus they’re super soft and made with GOTS certified organic cotton.

6. The Soap Co.: Exfoliating Soap Pebble, £14.00

The Soap Co. is a lovely social enterprise based in East London that sells handcrafted bath and beauty products, made by people who are disabled or blind. With sustainability in mind their aim is to become truly circular and has recently launched a plastic free range. I love the sound of this exfoliating soap which contains approximately 110g soap and has been inspired by pebbles found in the Lake District!

7. Radical Giving: Hand-rolled Beeswax Dinner Candles, £8.00

These beeswax candles are hand-rolled by residents of the Campbell Village Trust – a home for people living with a rand of disabilities that aims to build confidence and independence through the development of craft skills. But I don’t just love the story behind the candles – made with 100% pure beeswax they also smell great and are toxin free.

8. FRUU: Fruitilicious Lip Balms, £3.00

FRUU is a cruelty free, organic and vegan cosmetics company that specialises in selling fruity lip balms. Their products are 100% biodegradable with most of their ingredients produced as a by-product from processed food waste, generating extra income for small scale fruit farmers. Know an avocado lover?! Why not get them the avocado lip balm.

9. Earth Bits: Beeswax Wraps Starter Pack, £10.00

Earth Bits was founded by Fran and Jason, a couple who live in North Yorkshire and who wanted to help people live plastic free. But it’s not just the products that are plastic free, their packaging is too! I especially love these beeswax wraps – the perfect antidote to single use cling film and a great gift for someone who’s trying to give up plastic.

10. Folds Wrap: Reusable Linen Gift Wrap, £11.00

Something a bit different but why don’t you encourage reusable wrapping by gifting someone linen wrap! Handmade from 100% linen you can use them to make beautifully knotted wraps and decorate with foliage. My favourite is the dusky pink but it also comes in mulberry, aquamarine, navy or gaia print.

11. Native Wildflower Beebombs, £7.99

Did you know that 97% of native British Wildflower habitat has been lost since World War II?! Beebombs help to recreate these lost habitats with their handmade seedballs – each is packed with 1000s of seeds from 18 native wildflowers to attract native British pollinators to your garden. The perfect gift for a keen gardener or nature lover!

12. No More Plastic, £7.99

If you know someone who’s trying to give up plastic then this might be the prefect stocking filler for them! Written by Martin Dorey, anti-plastics expert and founder of the #2minutebeachclean, this how-to guide is full of small and simple changes that make a big difference to the plastic crisis.

13. Wearth: Vesta Living 10 Reusable Facial Wipes, £7.50

Wearth specialises in selling zero waste products online and it was while trawling their site that I cam across these lovely reusable facial wipes from Vesta Living. Handmade in England, these plastic-free make up remover pads are a great reusable alternative to single use wet wipes or cotton wool pads. All you need to do is pop them in a warm wash after each use!

14. Lush: Montalbano Shampoo Bar, £8.00

One day I will stop going on about the wonders of zero waste shampoo bars but today is not that day! I’ve now showered plastic free for nearly a year and would never look back so pop to Lush and get someone a shampoo bar this Christmas – I love the Montalbano one but I recommend speaking to a shop assistant and describing the recipient’s hair to determine the most suitable bar for them.

15. Therapi: Lip Nectar, £9.50

For anyone who has followed my blog since the get go, you’ll know how much I love Therapi. I use their Orange Blossom Cleanser and moisturiser every night but it’s this lip balm which was the first product of theirs I ever tried. 100% organic and handmade using their own honey and beeswax, the lip nectar is perfect for hydrating your lips in these dry winter months!

For more ideas you can check out last year’s 2018 guide to shopping ethically online.

Please note that a number of products featured in this guide were sent to me to review free of charge. A huge thank you to Soap Folk, Maverick Coffee, Green People, Edge + Company, FRUU and Folds Wrap. I do also make a small commission on purchases generated by some of the links in this blog post

Photo credit: Arthouse Unlimited, Jollie Socks, The Soap Co., Earth Bits, Beebombs, Waterstones, Wearth and Therapi.


    • Thanks so much! In this post I’m talking about sustainability in its broadest sense, so that means social sustainability as well as environmental which is why I’ve included lots of fab social enterprises including Arthouse Unlimited but also The Soap Co. and Edge + Company who work with disadvantaged people in their communities. Hope that helps answer your question!!

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