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Plastic Free Cleaning with Raindrop

I’ve previously used sustainable cleaning brands such as Ecover and Method but never before have I switched to plastic free cleaning… until now!

I was first introduced to Raindrop when their team got in touch at the end of last year wanting to collaborate. It didn’t take much persuading after a quick look at their instagram and website – plastic free, vegan and cruelty free cleaning products that last the test of time, meaning that now I have these bottles I’ll never need to buy a plastic cleaning brand ever again.

In every plastic-free cleaning starter pack you get:

  • 3 x frosted amber glass bottles (500ml)
  • 3 x industrial grade spray nozzles
  • 3 x plastic free cleaning drops

The glass bottles are colour co-ordinated to the cleaning drops so you always know that the blue drops are multi-purpose, the yellow drops are for the bathroom and the pink drops are for the kitchen.

They all have their own unique scents too – the multi-purpose drops are lavender, the bathroom drops are lemon and the kitchen drops are grapefruit!

The genius of the idea is that the bottles are forever reusable, so you only ever need to buy refill drops each time which, for a pack of 3 is only £6.

How gorgeous are the bottles too! My favourite is the amber-frosted kitchen bottle, made with 50% recycled glass with a non-slip pink silicone base.

And if your eagle eyes are wondering what the cleaning drops are wrapped in, then don’t worry – it’s a fully dissolvable polyvinyl wrap which isn’t plastic at all.

How to use Raindrop cleaning products:

Step 1 – pop the corresponding coloured cleaning drop in the bottle

Step 2 – fill the bottle with warm water

Step 3 – shake the bottle for 20 seconds so the cleaning drop fully dissolves

Step 4: that’s all – you can now start to clean away

So what do you think? Are you inspired to switch to plastic free cleaning with Raindrop?

If so then you can get your Plastic Free Cleaning Starter Pack here.

Please note that I have been gifted the products featured and I make a small commission on purchases generated by the links in this blog post.


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