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Sustainability in the News – June 2018

This month saw World Environment Day (5th June) and World Ocean’s Day (8th June) all in the same week which prompted lots of discussion on the topical issue of plastic waste. In fact, the UN’s action focus for World Ocean’s Day 2018 was:

“Preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean”

With lots of events going on in London I loved getting involved – I visited the Sky Ocean Rescue and Project Zero’s #PassOnPlastic exhibition in Covent Garden, I saw Corona and Parley’s plastic wave sculpture at Old Street and I petitioned to remove the plastic straw emoji!

And in the news …

1. McDonalds ditches plastic straws

After public pressure McDonalds decided to stop using plastic straws in its British restaurants from 2019. A petition which called for the change and highlighted the impact of single use plastic on our oceans, was signed by nearly half a million people.

In one of the biggest steps of its kind, this change will see the removal of 1.8 million straws from circulation each day. However, the decision impacts only McDonalds’ UK restaurants while we wait in baited breath for the rest of the world to follow suit … here’s hoping!

Source: The Guardian

2. Stella McCartney opens sustainable store 

Stella McCartney this month opened a new shop on Old Bond Street which is being labelled by many as London’s “most sustainable” store. Working closely with Airlabs, a company that creates clear air zones, the brand is using a nano-carbon filter technology to remove pollutive chemicals from its store.

With increasing concerns around the dangerous levels of air pollution in the city, Stella McCartney makes a potent point on the need for cleaner air in London. The store has also incorporated many handmade, ethical and sustainably sourced materials in its design.

Source: The Huffington Post

3. Plymouth becomes plastic free

Plymouth has launched major new plans to tackle its plastic pollution, and in doing so has become the UK’s first city to achieve “plastic free” status. The announcement comes after 70 businesses and 50 community ambassadors pledged to reduce single use plastics such as bottles, straws and cups.

Interestingly the “plastic free” status does not mean that Plymouth has eliminated plastics entirely, but instead reflects the city’s long term commitment to reduce its plastic usage and to promote a more sustainable community.

Source: Plymouth Herald

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