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Homemade Wild Bird Food Recipe

During the winter months there are very little natural food sources for birds and so it’s important we give them a helping hand.

Of course, you can buy bird food from the shop but if you’re anything like me then you’ll agree that it’s always more fun to make your own!

Plus, now is a good time to start enticing birds to your garden ahead of the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch next weekend.

You will need: 

  • Margarine (250g)
  • Raisins (1 handful)
  • Seed Mix (1 handful)
  • Pine Cone
  • String

*Makes 1 pine cone feeder


1. Put the margarine in the microwave for 10 seconds to gently melt it.

2. Cut up the margarine into small squares and place in a mixing bowl with the raisins and seed mix.

3. Combine the ingredients together with your hands until the margarine holds everything together.

4. Now tie some string around the top of your pine cone.

5. Pack the mixture around the pine cone.

6. Pop in the fridge for an hour or so until it has set.

I also experimented with some apple slices on string which I thought the birds might like too! You can really get as creative as you like …

So there you have it – an easy-to-make bird food recipe which I’m sure the birds will love!

And if you’re planning to take part in the Big Garden Bird Watch but want to find out more then you can read last year’s blog post with handy tips here.

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