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Identifying Spring Wildflowers

Plantlife’s #NoMowMay campaign simply asks gardeners not to mow their lawns to help bees, butterflies and other insects whose numbers are drastically declining in the UK. The premise is simple – by not mowing your lawn, more wild flowers will grow which in turn provides nectar for our pollinators.

At the end of the month, as part of their Every Flower Counts survey, everyone receives their own personal nectar score which will tell you how many bees and butterflies your garden is helping to support. The only challenge is counting them – especially if your lawn is on the larger side!

We always leave a strip of grassland clear each year to allow the wildflowers to grow, and this year for the first time I decided to actually document what we found at the end of May. Below are photos of all the flowers currently out – how many of these have you spotted in your garden?

It was lovely as I took my photos to notice that the bees and butterflies really were enjoying them too!

Since the 1930s, Britain has lost 97% of its grasslands and meadows, causing many wildflower species to decline. This habitat loss has a considerable knock on effect for so much wildlife with bees today in decline by a third. So if you have a garden, and are able to re-wild it or even temporarily allow it to go wild for May then it really can help.

You might have noticed that the oxeye daisy I photographed is just about to burst. Now I’m looking forward to June when these daisies are usually out at their best – see this gorgeous bouquet below that I made last year using the wildflowers from our wildflower meadow.

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