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The World’s Most Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

‘Yuhme – the world’s most eco-friendly water bottle’

Not long ago, the founders of Yuhme began asking themselves some fundamental questions such as “How can we make a difference? To ourselves, our children and the lives of others?”

Since then they have launched the world’s most eco-friendly, reusable water bottle with a purpose.

The world's most eco-friendly water bottle

The world’s most eco-friendly water bottle

That’s pretty impressive if you ask me because there’s so few people out there who, upon posing such fundamental questions, will go out into the world and make a real difference.

So how exactly are Yuhme claiming that their product is the ‘world’s most eco-friendly’ water bottle?

  • Yuhme water bottles are made from sugarcane, a renewable resource (unlike steel, aluminium, glass and oil-based plastics).
  • There is no other water bottle on the market with a lower CO2 footprint – in fact Yuhme water bottles are CO2 negative.
  • They are designed and produced in Sweden in a no waste production site.
The world's most eco-friendly water bottle

This is one of three gorgeous designs that you can shop online

And Yuhme haven’t stopped there because not only are their water bottles helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but the the sale of each bottle provides 6 months of clean water to someone in the Central African Republic.

Through the purchase of a Yuhme water bottle your money will help to fund projects carried out by  Water for Good, a charity that engages and involves local communities in the supply of clean water. By enabling self-sustainability Water for Good are facilitating poverty reduction in the Central African Republic.

So there you have it – the world’s most eco-friendly water bottle with a purpose!

Buy online here.


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  2. Patrick McQuaid says

    I found these for sale directly in the UK at – Lovely bottle, when I’m drinking water from it I don’t get the same horrible taste I get from other drinking bottles, even the ones that are BPA free.

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  3. Has anyone checked out their supply sourcing? The facility is CO2 negative and this is great, but do they also ensure that their sourcing does not contribute to deforestation?


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