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100% Plastic Free Dishwasher Tablets with Smol

I’ve made a number of plastic free swaps since starting my blog 3 years ago but until now I have never thought to try plastic free dishwashing tablets! Back in January I had an email from Smol asking whether I would like to trial their laundry and dishwashing tablets as they were just launching to the public. As with every brand I feature on my blog I asked a lot of questions and did a lot of research.

To be honest I was doubtful. Could Smol really be 50% cheaper than leading brands whilst also being better for the environment? It sounded too good to be true. And then in March they made the move from recycled plastic packaging to 100% plastic free packaging. I couldn’t ignore them any longer and have been bursting to share them with you ever since. But first, of course, I wanted to trial them myself.

The dishwashing tablets arrive in the cutest pink packaging – it is plastic free, made with FSC certified cardboard, printed with vegetable based inks and continuously recyclable! So when you’re done with the box you can pop it in the recycling bin to be recycled again and again. Smol packaging also has a special child-safe lock so you don’t need to worry about any little ones getting inside – the tablets do look a little like sweets though so definitely bear this in mind if you have young children!

Perhaps though you’re wondering – even if the packaging is plastic free, what on earth is the plastic looking film that each of the dishwashing tablets come wrapped in?

I had the exact same thought and discovered that this film is actually made of ‘polyvinyl alcohol’ – a synthetic polymer which is biodegradable, water soluble and entirely non-toxic. Most dishwashing tablets use this too so it doesn’t set Smol apart but it may set your mind at ease!

But it’s not just the plastic free packaging that makes Smol so great. They also use less chemicals than other brands and are vegan friendly with absolutely no animal testing. So, every time you switch to this pack (instead of a big brand) you can:

  • Save 60 grams of plastic
  • Save 168 grams of chemicals being washed into our waterways
  • Ensure less products are tested on animals 

But what about the claim that Smol is 50% cheaper than leading brands?

Smol say that by cutting out the middle man and ordering direct you can save up to 50% on your normal brand price. For fairness I compared them with two of the largest UK dishwashing brands – Finish and Fairy – and compared similar sized ‘All in One’ packs since Smol describe their own tablets as an ‘All in One’ concentrated formula. Although (at the time of writing) I did find them to be cheaper, I didn’t find them to be 50% cheaper.

Smol All in One (30 Tablets)£4.60£0.15 per tablet
Finish All in One (30 Tablets)£5.00£0.16 per tablet
Fairy All in One (30 Tablets)£5.00£0.17 per tablet

So what do you think? Would you switch to Smol to reduce your plastic footprint, chemical use and costs?

Why not trial them for free here – all you have to cover is the £1 postage fee.

I’m personally a big fan – I love the refill delivery service too – it’s so easy to tell them how often you put your dishwasher on and they figure out the rest, ensuring that you have a regular delivery of Smol as often as you need.

Plus with the pink packaging and tablets they fit right at home in my kitchen!

Please note that this is a sponsored post and I make a small commission on sign ups generated by links in this blog post


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  2. laura says

    Hello, just discovered your blog, looking forward to reading more! I wondered about the ingredients in Smol as I’ve heard that they still use the same chemicals as mainstream brands and I wasn’t sure if that was eco friendly? I currently use ecoleaf dishwasher so I’m trying to work out if its more sustainable to swap to smol.


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