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Join the Refill Revolution with charrli

It’s Plastic Free July and I’m using it as a great excuse to highlight some of the best plastic free brands and businesses I know! I’m not sure about you but I’ve actually found the last few months of lockdown to be the perfect opportunity to make new sustainable swaps that I haven’t got round to before – plastic free dishwasher tablets, reusable food covers and zero waste deodorant.

Then charrli got in touch with the opportunity to trial their new refill service with bath, body, beauty and cleaning essentials sold without any waste at all. Of course I jumped at the chance!

When charrli founders Chloe and Monica heard that 8 million tonnes of plastic was ending up in the ocean each year they knew that they had to do something. charrli‘s milkman style refill service offers a solution to the plastic issue by selling eco-friendly products that they collect when empty, sterilise and refill – meaning that absolutely no waste is generated in the process.

And the process really couldn’t be easier or more tailored to you. Every product has its own flexible subscription plan so you can subscribe to receive your refills as often or as little as you like. Then, on the day of the your next delivery, all you need to do is leave out your empty bottles in your charrli tote bag and they’ll be swapped with your new order!

Delivering to Islington and Hackney, all orders are made via electric bikes or e-trucks so that charrli’s carbon footprint is kept to an absolute minimum.

But one of the best things about charrli is that all the brands and products sold by them are carefully chosen based on their sustainable values. Supporting only eco-friendly and independent brand partners, you can be sure that every product you buy through charrli is made by passionate change-makers and is helping to make the world a better place.

Faith in Nature is just one of the great brands that you can purchase through charrli – using high quality, vegan and cruelty free ingredients, they are renowned for their dedication to harnessing nature without harming it in the process. This hand wash is definitely suitable for the current times with tea tree essential oils that offer antibacterial properties!

They also sell Fushi – another great ethical brand that specialises in health and beauty products which they hand blend in their local London workshop. Using fresh herbs and oils from this season’s harvest I love that the founders take inspiration from their Ayurvedic heritage, using family recipes that have been passed down through generations.

And have you heard of UpCircle? One of my favourite brands, they are truly committed to using ingredients in their products that would otherwise go to waste. Take this face scrub for example – made with repurposed coffee grounds that are collected from hundreds of coffee houses across London!

But charrli’s refill service goes beyond just bath and body essentials – selling a range of cleaning and laundry essentials with big eco brands such as Tincture and Colt & Willow they can really help you to kickstart your waste free life at home. And if you’re new to charrli you can get a fabulous 15% off your first order!

Let me know what you think – I’d love to hear your comments below.

Please note that this is a paid sponsored post and the products photographed were kindly gifted to me free of charge by charrli.

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