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5 Simple Ways to Help Save the Bees

With the coming and going of World Bee Day on 20th May, I’ve been thinking about how we can all better support Britain’s declining bee population – did you know that over the past decade a third of the UK’s bees have disappeared?

If you’ve been following me closely on instagram then you may have noticed that we’ve taken part in #NoMowMay and extended a wild area of our garden to allow nature to thrive. Amazingly we’ve seen loads of ox-eye daisies popping up which have not only been beautiful for us to enjoy but also for the bees and other pollinators too.

But what can you do to help save our precious pollinators?

1. Leave a patch of your garden wild for nature

Just like us you could leave an area of your garden wild to help provide vital nectar for bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Over-gardening can often do more harm than good so put the mower away and let nature take course.

2. Grow bee-friendly flowers and herbs

There are all sorts of plants that you can grow to encourage bees including lavender and honeysuckle. But don’t worry if you don’t have lots of space – a couple of herbs like chives or rosemary on your balcony will do just fine!

3. Collect and share observations with experts

This year the Open University is inviting people to share observations and photos of insect pollinators such as bees so that they can discover more about them and where they are most commonly observed. You can get involved here.

3. Back bee-friendly brands

I’m a big fan of Therapi Honey Skincare who make certified organic products using honey from their own apiary. Other brilliant brands to buy from include Bee Good, Seedboms and Burt’s Bees.

5. Support local beekeepers

By supporting local beekeepers you will be in turn supporting your local bee population. You can locate your nearest beekeeper here to find out where help is needed as well as where to buy local honey!

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