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The Green Vic – The World’s Most Ethical Pub

The Green Vic, aiming to be the world’s most ethical pub, was a 3 month pop up on Great Eastern Street that I visited in its final fortnight. Through Ethical Influencers I was invited for food and drinks, together with a friend. Quite happily, I took them up on the offer!

Being notoriously bad at pub quizzes I decided that we’d go on a Tuesday, their Charity Quiz Night. Practice practice practice right?!

When we arrived we were greeted by a lovely member of their staff and true Galway girl (self-proclaimed!) who looked after us all evening and explained that their drinks menu alone helps over 40 different charities.

We ordered two Karma Colas from the Karma Cola Foundation and a Lemonaid Lime from Lemonaid. These arrived with the cutest wheat straws – a sustainable by product from the wheat harvest!

When it came to ordering our food I was a little stuck because I genuinely couldn’t chose! Through a collaboration with The Green Grill, their plant-based menu consists of vegan junk food so think chips, burgers and hot dogs.

I eventually decided on the ‘Green Monster Burger’ and chips which was delicious!

But it was the charity quiz which really made the night so fun – the host was especially memorable and even had us singing made up songs in front of an audience of strangers!

And this weekly quiz is just one of The Green Vic’s many charitable activities. Every Monday they also host a Feed The Homeless Night with a supper club that feeds the homeless and helps them find employment by networking after the meal. Then on Saturdays they host a 2 hour Boozey Brunch where all the money raised goes to charity.

And as if that wasn’t enough they also donate a portion of their monthly profits to Hackney Foodbank who work towards stopping hunger and poverty in Hackney.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that all of the above would be quite enough for a pub to describe itself as ‘ethical’ but remember that The Green Vic wants to be the most ethical pub in the world so they didn’t stop there!

Here’s some of the other things that the pop up did over its 3 months to ensure that they really did deliver on their ‘Planet Over Profit’ mission.

  • Staffing – They employ vulnerable people including the homeless and those with disabilities.
  • Zero to Landill – Everything is either recycled, composted or turned into energy.
  • Carbon Neutral – They offset all their carbon emissions (they would ideally love to switch all their energy to green energy but do not own the building so had to make this compromise).
  • Dog Treats – They get their treats from Beautiful Joe’s who match the amount of packets they buy and give that same amount to rescue dog centres.
  • Soap – Their hand soap is made by Clarity, a non profit that predominantly employ people who are blind or have disabilities.
  • Toilet Paper – Their toilet paper is made from zero trees (100% recycled paper) thanks to a partnership with Who Gives a Crap.

So there you have it – the world’s most ethical pub!

Although The Green Vic’s 3 month pop up is sadly now closed I really hope that they soon find a permanent venue because I’d love to return!!

Please note that The Green Vic kindly reimbursed my meal free of charge.

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