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Organic Underwear & Activewear by Organic Basics

Although I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the sustainability of my fashion choices, one area that I’ve failed to consider is the sustainability of my underwear!

But according to latest statistics from the Daily Mail and Victoria’s Secret, the average woman owns 8 bras and 34 pairs of knickers in which case their environmental impact is sure going to stack up.

So when Organic Basics approached me to ask if I wanted to try out their range I jumped at the opportunity to explore what sustainable underwear really means from one of the best brands in the industry.

After looking through their beautifully minimalist website I chose the Triangle Bra in Rose Nude as well as the Bikini Briefs 2 Pack in both Rose Nude and Black.

Not having to wait long, my order arrived two days later in carbon neutral packaging which featured the below statement:

Reduce. Fix more. Buy less. Ask more. Reuse. Throw less. Read more. Stretch more. Want less. Swap more. Thirft more. Recycle. Wear more. Wash less.

Interesting I thought that a brand which relies entirely on the sale of its products to make a profit should send out its orders in a box which quite clearly tells consumers to buy less and want less!

But this only hints at the very sincerity of Organic Basics who genuinely put sustainable thinking at the centre of everything they do.

I also love the pastel pink paper packaging which each product arrives in!

But why actually is Organic Basics is sustainable?!

Lets look first at the fabrics which they use.

Organic Basics handpick fabrics based on both their environmental impact and their lifetime durability. That means using only natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable and or low-impact textiles.

The underwear I chose is made from GOTS certified organic cotton. Achieving this certification is no mean feat – the Global Organic Textile Standard is the leading textile standard for organic fibres and means that any product bearing this label contains a minimum of 95% certified organic fibres.

Lets now look at their factories.

Organic Basics only work with eco-certified factory partners. Free of child labour and forced labour, their employees are paid a living wage in factories that minimise textile waste and down cycle all of their off-cuts.

You can read more about each of their factories and their credentials here.

This all sounds great but what if a brand could go one step further and tell you the exact environmental benefit of choosing these fabrics and selecting these factories?

Organic Basics have actually done just that by sharing the ‘impact index’ beneath each product on their site so that you can know the exact environmental saving of your order! In fact, I calculated that when compared to conventional cotton and traditional practices, my total order saved:

  • 1.4 kilos CO2
  • 774g chemicals
  • 67g waste

Isn’t that amazing?!

So if you need new underwear (or activewear) then head over to the Organic Basics site for a little scroll and if you get tempted then you can use the discount code SIMPLEOB until 18th November 2019 for 10% off at checkout.

Be right back … just going to purchase the Triangle Bra in Black to complete my second set!

Please note that Organic Basics kindly sent me the Triangle Bra in Rose Nude as well as the Bikini Briefs 2 Pack in both Rose Nude and Black to review free of charge. I do also make a small commission on purchases generated by some of the links in this blog post.

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