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Eco Refill: Plastic Free and Zero Waste Groceries

Living ‘plastic free’ or ‘zero waste’ might feel like an unachievable goal for you. For me too. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t try to make as many positive swaps as possible that each take us that little bit closer to achieving the unachievable.

Earlier this year I came across Eco Refill that launched back in January 2020 – taking away any notion of zero waste as the ‘inconvenient’ option, they deliver plastic free products directly to your door! As someone who is all about the simple switches towards more sustainable living, I really couldn’t have been happier to discover them. No longer do we have to go out of the way to find our nearest zero waste store.

Eco Refill was launched by two sisters, Olivia and Florence, to make plastic free achievable for the masses. Like so many others they started to wonder why plastic packaging had become so unavoidable in the supermarkets but, unlike others, they spun their frustrations into finding a solution and launching Eco Refill.

So now you can purchase zero waste from the comfort of your own home! Delivering across the UK, all orders are packaged in reused, repurposed and eco-friendly packaging. Then, once you’ve finished with it, you can let them know and they’ll send over a prepaid return label or collect it on your next delivery – meaning that any packaging can be reused again and again.

What I really love about Eco Refill is that they sell such a great range of everyday essentials from groceries to household cleaning products and beauty brands. Working with local suppliers and stores, everything is sustainably sourced to ensure that their environmental impact is a positive one. You may even notice that many of their products are organic too!

On my first order I definitely made the most of the variety that Eco Refill has to offer by ordering lots of groceries (pop corn, noodles, oats, pasta, rice) to top up my storage jars where I’d started running dry. Like me you may find that the most important decision now is deciding how to arrange them on your shelves…

But I didn’t stop there – with their range of health and beauty products I really couldn’t resist the opportunity to try their AlterNative shampoo and conditioner bars which I had never tried before. Much cheaper than their Lush alternatives I’m already a convert!

And have you heard of Who Gives A Crap? Their loo roll is made with 100% recycled paper and they proudly claim that no trees are harmed in their making! Again, sold online by Eco Refill – hugely in demand right now as you may imagine.

Maybe you’re already a zero waste shopper or perhaps you’ve never bought zero waste before but either way I would really recommend checking out Eco Refill as the most simple solution to zero waste that I’ve ever come across. And, for first timers, they have an amazing 20% discount with the code ECOWELCOME.

The only question now is what will you order?!

Please note that the products photographed were kindly gifted to me free of charge by Eco Refill.

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