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Ralph and Rice: A Sustainable Hair Salon

When I woke up on Saturday morning I couldn’t have told you a thing about sustainable hairdressing. All I knew is that I had a 10am hair appointment with Ralph and Rice who describe themselves on their website as the experts in “modernising the salon experience so that it’s truly sustainable”.

Intrigued (and having heard from a friend who went and described it as the best hair cut of her life) I decided that I ought to give it a try!

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Just off Brick Lane, Ralph and Rice really is in the heart of East London. With a tattoo parlour on one side and a series of vintage boutiques on the other, the salon’s unassuming location adds to its quirky charm.

When inside I especially loved its modern decor with bold wall hangings, second hand furniture and (on this occasion) a pug. Plus, with sustainability in mind, the surfaces are made using cork which interestingly doesn’t harm trees when extracted – now there’s a fun fact for you!

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After sitting down with my stylist and deciding how to best approach the knotted mess that was my hair, I was taken downstairs to have it washed and conditioned with eco friendly products from Oway.

A new brand to me, I learnt that Oway specialise in biodynamic, organic and ethical hair care products using only 100% natural ingredients.

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Oway are also committed to reducing as much packaging as possible. For this reason they’ve carefully chosen glass jars (instead of plastic) and labels made from FSC certified paper.

What’s more, if you choose to buy their products despite the price – a 240ml conditioner will set you back £24.90 – then you can return your empty jars and refill them in store with a discount!

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Turns out that many others love Ralph and Rice too – so many in fact that they’ve opened a second salon in Newington Green called Buller and Rice which I can’t wait to try since it looks just as instagram worthy as the first.

So, as sustainability rises to the top of the beauty industry’s agenda, let’s hope that these salons start a real trend, transforming our approach to hair cuts and hair care with less packaging, more conscious ingredients and plenty of style!

Header photo credit: Ralph and Rice

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