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Sustainable Gift Guide: For the Chocoholic

“For the Chocoholic” is the first of my sustainable gift guides that will appeal to the chocolate lovers amongst you!

Along with every other day of the year, chocolate is the perfect indulgent gift to give at Christmas. Luckily, you don’t have to feel quite so guilty when purchasing chocolate this festive season as the great brands below are working to ensure our indulgences are offset by their inspiring ethical standards.

But, before I begin, let me introduce you to Arthouse Meath – a lovely social enterprise that offers a real sense of purpose to a group of talented artists with learning disabilities. These artists work alongside instructors to create beautiful artworks that are then developed into products including cards, soaps, candles, wrapping paper, jewellery and … confectionary!

Meet the artists:

Elanor Sinden

Elanor Sinden (Photo credit: Arthouse Meath)

Amanda Leigh

Amanda Leigh (Photo credit: Arthouse Meath)

Peter Andrews

Peter Andrews (Photo credit: Arthouse Meath)

Inspired to support Arthouse Meath this christmas? If so, then you’ll be pleased to know that they have sent over a bar of Raw Organic Silk Chocolate for Sustainably Simple’s giveaway – hold on until 17th December for your chance to win!

The gift guide:



1. Coco Chocolatier – Gin & Tonic Dark Chocolate £4.50

An advocate of organic farming and ethical trading, Coco produces all its chocolates in Edinburgh.

2. Cocoa Locoa – Christmas Pudding Chocolate £3.49

Organic and fairtrade certified chocolate to hang on your christmas tree!

3. Rococo – Gingerbread Spice Milk Chocolate £5.95

Ethical chocolates sourced from an organic cocoa farm in Grenada.

4. Arthouse Meath – Raw Organic Silk Chocolate £5.95

Organic chocolate wrapped in Peter Andrews’ evocative painting.

5. Divine – Limited Edition Milk Chocolate with Spiced Cookies £2.40

Divine is 100% fairtrade and owned by cocoa farmers – support them with this year with a limited edition chocolate bar.

6. Raw Halo – Christmas Wishes Gift Box £18.99

Treat someone with a selection of christmas inspired raw organic chocolates.

And some more … we recommend as stocking fillers!





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