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Could Retail Be Reinvented Sustainably?

Bottletop, a sustainable luxury brand that designs bags and accessories using sustainably sourced materials, opened their flagship store on Regent Street in London last Friday 17th November.

Founded by Cameron Saul, together with Roger Saul the founder of Mulberry, Bottletop is loved by the fashion elite from Anna Wintour to Clare Danes.

Posing the question “could retail be reinvented sustainably” Bottletop set out to do something a little different with their retail space, hiring robots to create the store using upcycled plastic collected from India.

The result is really quite impressive. After all, what better way to see plastic waste being used?! Better at least than polluting our oceans as I discussed in my latest post.

But I imagine that passersby who are not immediately captivated by the sustainable story behind the store, are instead drawn in by Bottletop’s futuristic decor.

The recycled tin cans that line the ceiling, the robot in the window, the bright lights and the metallic accessories on display all create a visual feast for the eyes.

Yet it is not only the retail space that has been created using upcycled materials – every product that Bottletop sells from totes and clutches to backpacks and belts have all been innovatively designed using upcycled materials such as bottletops and ring pulls!

But perhaps what I love most is that every product is made by local artisans in the developing world who are taught traditional crafting skills by the Bottletop Foundation and guaranteed a fair wage.

The foundation also raises funds and awareness to educate young people in Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Brazil and the UK on teenage health issues such as HIV/ AIDS, drug abuse and pregnancy.

So far they have supported over 35,000 young people worldwide.

So with sustainable materials at the heart of their mission, Bottletop have successfully proven that retail can exist sustainably, empowering communities that need employment along the way.

If you’re interested in the story behind Bottletop then you can find out more via their website here or you can pop into their store on Regent Street – their stylish statement accessories might just be one for the Christmas list!


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