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The Last Straw – How to Save our Oceans

Watching the BBC’s Blue Planet has reminded me just how important it is that we save our oceans from the ever worsening impact of plastic pollution. 

It is remarkable that whatever you do, no matter how far away you are from the sea, there’s a very real chance that your waste is ending up there. 

It is not ok to think that this is an issue far removed from yourself because you do not live on the coast. It is an issue that connects us all and has far reaching impacts for us all. 

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Single use plastic consumption is polluting our oceans

So what are the impacts? 

Earlier this year I watched A Plastic Ocean and was shocked to learn that 8-12 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans each year. Sadly, this plastic causes serious harm to thousands of marine animals through ingestion or entanglement.

Perhaps even more worrying is that plastic does not degrade or decompose. Instead it breaks down into tiny particles called microplastics that attract toxins. The implications of these toxins passing up the food chain to us (through drinking water or eating sea food) could be devastating.

Plastic is becoming embedded into many marine environments such as coral reefs

“There is no ‘away’. Because plastic is so permanent and so indestructible. When you cast it into the ocean, it does not go away”

Sir David Attenborough

Thousands of sea turtles die from plastic pollution each year

But there is some good news –  it is actually really easy to help save our oceans. From ditching plastic straws to plastic bags and plastic bottles … all you need to do is say no to single use plastic!

For example, with 550 million plastic straws being thrown away every day, reduce your own consumption with these great alternatives:

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Enjoying our mojitos in Bali with bamboo straws
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Experimenting with different flavoured water and metal straws
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I was so impressed when this delicious smoothie arrived with a reusable glass straw

For more information visit:  BBC One Blue Planet II

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