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Sololu: Ethically Made in Bali

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world after oil? Or that 25% of the world’s chemicals are used for textile production?

Although these realities are frightening, there is comfort in the fact that an increasing number of fashion brands are beginning to put sustainability right at the heart of their agenda.

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Wearing the gorgeous white Santorini dress in Sicily last week

I spoke with Rosanne, founder of Sololu, to find out more about the work she is doing to create a sustainable clothing collection that is ethically made in Bali using biodegradable fabrics.



What inspired you to launch a sustainable clothing collection?

For a long time, I had this dream of creating my own clothing line. However, one thing I’ve always missed is quality clothing that’s ideal for travel, stylish, comfortable, made of more natural fabrics and affordable at the same time – which is the main reason why I decided to create my own clothing collection. When designing the collection, my goal was to create stylish wardrobe staples that make it easy for women to create outfits with they feel most confident in and that can be worn year-round, wherever they may be. As an avid traveler, I learned to appreciate my home, my surroundings, the world and people around me so much more. I started thinking; if I love to travel and explore the world so much, then why would I want to contribute to polluting it? So, as a brand promoting slow fashion rather than fast fashion, I wanted to focus on ethically made quality clothing designs that last – to avoid the issue of clothing being discarded within a year of purchase.


Why is it important to you that your fashion brand makes a positive change in the world? 

Because I would feel terrible if I would be running a business that contributes to polluting our world and harms the people involved in the process of making the fabrics/clothes. Plus, if more and more businesses start to focus on being ethical and sustainable, this would lead to an actual change in the fashion industry (and our environment) – which is kind of the main goal for a sustainable brand like Sololu. To minimise the negative impact on the world and the people we share it with, Sololu’s vision is to continue to create sustainable clothing, ideal for travel, and create pieces that are as eco-friendly as possible.

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I especially love the cute trim along the hem

What do you mean when you say that the clothing is “ethically made”?

The clothing collection is ethically made by hand in Bali, Indonesia – this means the clothing is made in a work environment where there is no child labor, the employees have normal working hours/days and get paid at least minimum wage earnings. Being ethical was my main focus when creating the collection. I can’t imagine my clothing designs being made under terrible work conditions. I like to treat people the way I’d like to be treated and want all people involved in creating Sololu’s products to be treated fairly. 

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Admiring the view from our balcony!

What has been the most exciting moment since launching Sololu?

Seeing Sololu in Vogue magazine was a very exciting moment!

What’s next for Sololu? 

The plan is to create and add new styles to the collection. I have a lot of ideas for Sololu and I’d love to add more collections as well, such as swimwear and loungewear collections. It would be nice to become an inspiring, sustainable go-to brand for women that travel on a regular basis or lead active lives. 

So there you have it – a sustainable brand that is contributing to a fairer and slower fashion industry! With ethically made clothes that are designed to last, Rosanne deserves recognition for the smart decisions she has made to put her employees at the heart of Sololu’s sustainable business model.

If you have been inspired and you fancy a browse then you can shop online at Sololu here.

Please note that Sololu kindly sent me the Santorini Off the Shoulder Dress to review free of charge.


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