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Lessons from a Zero Waste Cooking Class

Back in September I was invited to attend a vegan cooking class together with the charity Small Change Big Difference which campaigns to reduce food waste in London. Did you know that 910,000 tonnes of food is wasted from London households every year?

The cooking class was hosted at The Skip Garden in Kings Cross and run by Abi Aspen and Sadhbh Moore of The Sustainable Food Story – a supper club that goes much further than ‘farm to fork’ as the duo grow their own produce and create close relationships with their suppliers.

As soon as I arrived I got stuck in immediately, cutting up garlic together with Emily of Saving the Grace. About to throw away the garlic skins (momentarily forgetting that I was at a zero waste cookery class … oops) I learnt my first zero waste tip of the night!

Zero Waste Tip #1

Pop vegetable scraps and peels into soups to add extra flavour and nutrition.

It was also lovely to catch up with another of my friends from the eco-blogging community, Besma who has founded both Curiously Conscious and Ethical Influencers. In charge of cutting the cauliflower we quickly learnt another tip.

Zero Waste Tip #2

Use cauliflower leaves like kale instead of throwing them away.

Then, whilst the vegetables were in the oven for roasting and the soup bubbled away on the stove, we began separating the squash seeds from the pulp for drying.

Zero Waste Tip #3

Dry and roast squash seeds – a great addition to autumnal salads.

Once the food was ready for serving, we gathered around as Abi and Sadhbh shared their favourite zero waste cooking tip with us all.

Zero Waste Tip #4

Don’t take use by dates too seriously – many foods are edible even after their expiry date!

At the end of the evening we sat down together to enjoy our well-earned 3 course vegan meal. For the starter we had vegetable crudities with red pepper and carrot dips then for the main we ate a squash and sage soap together with a quinoa salad.

And for the pudding, Abi and Sadhbh had made us a banana bread with elderberry jam and banana ice cream… yum!

The evening proved to me that you really can easily make delicious, waste-free food at home, even amidst a chaotic life in London.

Let me know if you have any more zero waste cooking tips – I’d love to hear them!


  1. Mind and Body Intertwined says

    I loved your tips, thank you so much for sharing! Especially the cauliflower leaves one is really intriguing! As someone who is living alone, I love versatile products, for instance bell peppers and spinach, since I can use them the next day in completely different dishes again!

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